Simply put, a domain is your unique signpost to your website. Computers use IP addresses to connect to the internet, IP addresses are just numbers, a bit like phone numbers. IP addresses are not very memorable (or very interesting). A domain is the ‘name’ that points to the computer that ‘serves’ your website 24/7, hence it lives on a server.

You domain should relate to your website content, the easier it is to remember the better.

.au domains have a few of rules associated with them:

  1. they need to be derived from your business name, either an acronym, an abbreviation or exactly the same...or…
  2. they need to be associated with a service, or product that you provide …and
  3. Need to be registered to an entity with a business number, ABN, ACN or registered association or other recognised organisation

.au domains are ‘Australian’ domains and can be:

  • (Commercial)
  • (Organisations)
  • (Associations)
  • (National Government)
  • (SA State Government)
  • etc.

You can also register a host of other domains with us (like .com, .org, .info), and we’ll manage your DNS for free!

Nail your domain now. You don’t have to use it straight away! Register Domains

Web Hosting

Hosting is space on a server that has a permanent high-speed connection to the internet. We have several hosting solutions, the most common being our Adelaide-based data centre servers. These provide standard Web Hosting. 1 Gig Space, 10 Gig Bandwidth, Linux OS, Apache Web Server, mySQL databases, PHP scripting. managed by DirectAdmin Hosting control Panel. Email management. Roundcube Webmail and more…

You can register a domain at the same time as ordering a hosting service

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