In this video, Stu runs through what you need from a logo.

Take these guidelines into consideration before doing anything!

Just a little picture?

In years past we’ve had some clients keen on logo development who have regarded the process as words to the effect of:

“we thought it was just about making us a little picture”

The truth is – and if you’ve already watched the video, you’ll know that there is so much more to it than simply throwing together some colours and text. Now in all fairness to these people, they’re busy running their business and almost certainly don’t have time to study the in and outs of graphic design – the very thing we do for a living.
That said, there is some groundwork you can do to help you meet the designer halfway. Taking these steps will guarantee a finished product delivered in less time, which is especially important if you need to meet  a tight budget.

  1. Identify the core aspects of your business: What do you really want to promote about your business? Identify this before even making contact with a designer. This will save money on design labour spent on experimentation.
  2. Find logos you like: Inform the designer of what logos inspire you and consider to be appropriate to the look and feel you are going for.
  3. BUDGET BUDGET BUDGET: How much are you willing to spend on this project? If its going to be a process of design by committee or extensive experimentation, then make sure there are sufficient funds to accommodate this i.e. upwards of $1,000 (or one and a half day’s labour). If you’re only able to spend $500 on a logo, do your best to work through points 1 and 2.

Does $500 sound expensive as a starting price for logo development? Well, some organisations have spent tens of thousands of dollars on logo development. It really is something that’s worth getting right the first time, so do some groundwork and then CONTACT US to get the ball rolling!