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Froling Enterprises provides a variety of services to businesses, partner developers, government and non-government organisations.

Web Development

Do you want a website? Do you even know if you even need one and if you had one how could you use it to help your business? Froling Enterprises has been building websites for over a decade, which in Internet terms is a long time. Don't get caught up in the hype and end up with something that you don't need. But don't sell yourself short with a site that locks you in to proprietory hosting platform.


Products, landscape, interiors we can help you with photography. Large format printing on fine art paper or canvas, or even banners and signage can be supplied.


Have you pinned down your domain yet? If you need a domain registration for your business or organisation, we can help you register and manage it. We'll guide you through the process. We also provide custom hosting and Virtual Private Servers using Linux, Apache, Nginx, MySQL and PHP.

Social Media

Integrate social media into you website with social platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Google+, we can help set up facebook apps for integrated website login or help you get a facebook page up and running.

Video Production

Do you have a message for your customers or a story to tell? Do you think might make more of an impact if it was told in a video? Stu Nankivell our in-house videographer and animator has a wealth of experience producing videos for a variety of purposes, including TV advertising, educational, work place training and just for fun. They get the message across, are often humourous and always entertaining.


Logo design and themeing of marketing colatteral is a major part of your brand. Your brand live within the hearts and minds of customers, clients, and prospects. It is the sum total of their experiences and perceptions, some of which you can influence, and some that you cannot.


Animation is a really effective tool for enhancing your advertising, curriculum, video blogs, and documentaries – just to name a few applications for this wonderful medium. We develop animation at varying levels of complexity – from 2D motions graphics – ideal for logo animations and fleshing out presentations, to 3D animation, for more complex character animation and visual effects shots.


Character development, an interesting term that we use for developing "personalities". These can be simple 2D cartoon-style characters through to full 3D modelled figures that can be posed or put into animation sequences - to value-add your videos, websites and advertising.


Once your corporate image and logo has been established we can produce designs for printed material and signage that is consistent with your brand. Froling Enterprises can design MS Word or Apple "Pages" documents for correspondence templates, we can even help with customising MYOB and Quickbooks invoice and statement templates.